A class 1A Zine

Staycation is a Class 1A centric Boku No Hero Academia fanzine. We focus on on all things dorm life, and the domestic chaos of Class 1A!


Interest CheckJan 01 - Feb 15
Contributor ApplicationsMar 01 - Mar 31
Results DeliveredApril 08
Pitches ConfirmedApril 17
Check In #1May 20
Check In #2June 20
Soft DeadlineJul 20
Hard DeadlineAug 01
PreordersAug 15 - Sep 30
Aug 15Preorders Open
ProductionOct - Feb
Shipping BeginsMar 03

FRequently asked questions

What is Staycation?
Staycation is a GEN, SFW BNHA zine focused on the dorm life of Class 1A. Who thought it was a good idea to let twenty chaotic, superpowered teens live together? Certainly not us, but we'll still reap the benefits.
For Profit or For Charity?
Staycation is a for-charity project. All proceeds will go towards Bottom Line, an organization dedicated to helping students from lower-income backgrounds.
How many contributors will you be accepting?
24 artists, 8 writers, and 6 merch artists will be featured.

What about Mineta? Or Shinsou?
The mods have decided that we will assume that Mineta has been dropped from the hero course and Shinsou has transferred in his place. Please create accordingly!
Will ships be featured?
Nope! As this is a gen zine, all relationships must be strictly platonic.
What is Sabbatical?
Sabbatical is our mini-zine focused on the lives of the staff in the faculty dorms. It will be available for purchase as a digital add-on during preorders.

madalyn (she/her)
head mod / formatting mod / production
Hi, I'm Madalyn! This is the fifth zine I've moderated, but it's my first BNHA zine! If you can't already tell, I love Deku and want to protect the baby at all costs. I think Class 1A is just so much fun, and they deserve to let loose a little, which is why I decided to host this zine. I can't wait to get to work!

mod experience

sophie (she/her)
head mod / writing mod / socmed mod
hi, I'm Sophie! I'm a newbie to zines but I've been a huge fan of BNHA for a while, so I'm super excited to get involved. I'm the self-proclaimed #1 Bakugou fan and one of my favorite things is to see is him and the rest of the class interact outside of school, training, and fights. I hope you all will love to see it as well!

renee <3 (she/her)
shipping mod
hey hey hey i’m renee !!! i am extremely excited to be a part of this project and to enjoy all of the time, energy and effort y’all will put into the pieces made for it !! i love bnha because of the depth and complexities of all the characters and the world they live in. when i’m not writing or hyperfixating i like to read, practice yoga, bake or just vibe <3

mod experience

fay (she/her)
co-discord mod
hi, i'm fay! i've been in a number of zines, both as a mod and as a participant, but this is my first bnha zine! shouto is my absolute favourite and i want to give him all the love, but all of the friendship feels in class 1-A are very special to me. i'm super excited to be here and i can't wait to see how this amazing zine will turn out to be!

mod experience

kaara (she/her)
finance mod
Hello! I'm Kaara, I like to write, sew plushes of my favorite characters and playing video games. I've been in love with BNHA for a while now, I love the world itself but also the characters and I really enjoy the interactions in Class 1-A, so I'm really excited to be involved in the creation if the zine!

aijou (she/her)
art mod
hi im aijou! im a sucker for shonen jump and i look forward to my weekly night of emotional wreckage when updates roll out (;u;)

mod experience

hope (she/her)
graphics mod
Hi, I'm Hope and I think BNHA should switch to being a slice-of-life series so all of the kids can take it easy :) and luckily this zine exists so everyone can showcase them doing just that! I love art and creating and have spent the past few years helping organize projects like this so I'm extremely happy to share my graphics with you all!

mod experience

rein (she/her)
Hi I'm Rein and I'm super excited to be here and have a chance to learn from our amazing mod team! I'm a multi-fandom artist who loves cooking and collecting succulents. Todoroki is my favorite character and that noodle scene lives rent free in my brain 24/7.

mod experience

olivia (she/her)
hi, i'm olivia!! although i've participated in zines as an art contributor before, this is my first time as part of the mod team! i've followed bnha since the anime first aired, and I absolutely love the art style and character development throughout the series. super excited to learn from the other mods and meet everyone participating in this project!